Sunday, 19 August 2018

Top 5 video games to learn coding

Coding is opening up a different world to human society.
Despite the various uses of coding, it appears tough and foreign to most people.
There aren't many good books on coding which a layman can understand.
However, with kids showing interest from early ages, games have come up as a fun way to learn to code.
Here are the top games which teach coding.


In game puzzles and fun themes
CodinGame runs on a browser application. It is mostly targeted to intermediary and advanced coders.
The game provides puzzles and challenges that have to be solved by writing code. As the levels progress, the challenges increase in difficulty.
It supports over 25 coding languages including PHP and Python.
The challenges, like programming turrets to shoot airships, make it a fun experience.

Code HuntStep by step learning of your favorite language

Code Hunt is one of the best games for people setting out to learn their preferred coding language.
The game can help you learn Java or C#.
Players pick a language and the game guides them through loops and strings, before moving onto tougher things like puzzles and ciphers.
The easiest way to learn the basics of a language is through this game!

CodeCombatImprove coding and land a job through this game

CodeCombat currently has courses in JavaScript and Python.
Players progress through different levels and a fantasy-theme has been added for enjoyment.
However, the coders will experience real joy by unleashing their code on opponents.
The developers encourage challenges and had a tournament called 'Greed' where the cash-prize was $40,000.
They also help companies recruit high-level coders, so playing this can actually get you hired!

SpaceChemA unique blend of chemistry and coding

Upon release, SpaceChem was hailed as one of the best indie games of the year.
The game is simple, players have to construct molecules out of atoms and information-blurbs on those molecules appear.
The combination requires programming and players have to use techniques like in-order execution, loops, branching, subroutines, and synchronization primitives.
A great game for beginner and intermediary coders in a comprehensible environment.

RoboZZleKids and adults can learn from this game alike

RoboZZle is an excellent game for adults and children.
It is a puzzle and players have to direct their robot through a maze using limited commands.
It sounds like an easy job at the beginning. This part of the game is targeted at the kids.
However, as the game progresses, the levels become difficult and leaves seasoned programmers confused.
Try to beat this!


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