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IGCSE Teachers - Online Tutoring Company - Dubai (Online Teaching Jobs)

IGCSE Teachers - Online Tutoring Company - Dubai (Online Teaching Jobs)

Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Start Date January 2018
Contract Length 2 years
Eligible Candidates Licensed Teacher
Student Level Gr. 10, Gr. 11, Gr. 12
Monthly Salary USD 2800 - 4000

Job Benefits

We offer:
The chance to be part of an upcoming and exciting online academy
A challenging learning environment with motivated students
A professional, supportive, dedicated, and amicable management team
The experience of teaching global classrooms (accessible in different parts of the world)
Round-the-clock technical support
Health insurance
Air tickets
Working visa
360 days of Sunshine

Qualifications & Requirements
Required Certificates Other Certification
Education Required Master
Minimum Teaching Experience 5 Years
Major Science Subjects
Additional Requirements

We are looking for a dedicated professional who is committed to the academic progress of her/his students. As such, the successful candidate will be responsible for:

Teaching IGCSE and A Level Mathematics to students in the virtual classroom in the allotted timetable

Designing, preparing, and delivering daily lessons to all students in the virtual classroom
Ensuring that all lessons are delivered in line with the Mathematics syllabus designed by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, and that all course objectives are being met
Teaching according to the educational needs, abilities and learning styles of individual students within each group
Encouraging all students to be actively engaged in their own learning and in reviewing their progress against targets set out in the IGCSE and A Level Mathematics syllabus
Preparing students to perform well in their IGCSE or A Level Mathematics examinations
Providing accurate and timely formative assessment feedback in accordance with examination requirements

Maintaining assessment records, including tracking and reporting of learner progress in line with the organization’s policy on marking and recording
Ensuring the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date information on all classes taught
Ensuring high standards of professional practice and quality of teaching
Attending scheduled virtual meetings with the management team
Participating in the teacher training course on how to use our online portal
Maintaining appropriate standards of pupil behavior, using behavioral management strategies and techniques

Undertaking any other responsibilities commensurate with the grade of the post, which may reasonably be required from time to time

Required Skills and Experience : 

The successful candidate should:
Possess at least a Master’s Degree in Mathematics/Physics,Chemistry,Biology, education/teaching, or in any other relevant disciplines
Have at least 5 years ofMathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biologyteaching experience in the IGCSE and A’Level system (past student achievements in exams will be an asset)
Demonstrate knowledge of the IGCSE and A Level curriculum, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology , goals and objectives, past examinations and marking criteria, educational trends and research findings pertaining to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology instruction, and a range of teaching methods
Be able to deliver the IGCSE or A Level Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.curriculum through the scheduled teaching program
Be able to plan and deliver imaginative and motivational sessions with a clear focus on the needs of the individual learner
Demonstrate the ability to effectively utilize educational technology and media to enhance learning
Be passionate about raising student achievement and ensuring that each student reaches their potential
Be able to provide day-to-day classroom leadership, inspiration, and management
Possesses a keen understanding of the needs of IGCSE and A’Level students, and an appreciation of their common struggles and issues pertaining to Mathematics
Demonstrate excellent knowledge of English
Be able to work independently and efficiently, exercising reasonable judgment, in a fast-paced, multi-task environment
The ability to teach IGCSE Additional Mathematics, A Level Further Mathematics, and/or SAT Mathematics is highly desirable.
Past affiliation with the British Council (particularly as an employee, examiner or teacher trainer) will be an asset.

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